What is a MegaGame? Is it like a LARP/Freeform?

A MegaGame is similar to a free form, but players are in a team instead of individuals. Players have individual goals as well as team goals working with and against other teams to accomplish them.

Players will have character sheets and can play as a courtier, bushi (samurai warrior), or shugenja (spellcaster). Each character has unique abilities that are relevant to their role whether to help in magic, diplomacy or deploying troops at the war table.

The game is run in terms where players will have 30 minutes to get their actions in to the GMs as for spells, diplomacy or actions on the war table as well as make dice rolls. The game will have 22 turns in total.

What is Legend of the Five Rings?

Legend of the Five Rings is a fantasy samurai setting owned by Fantasy Flight Games. It is used in a Living Card Game and Role Playing Game.

The setting combines elements of eastern philosophy with with western philosophy. You do not have to be familiar with the setting to enjoy playing this game.

We have used this setting as it has rich characters and story and where every player can be unique.

More about the setting and the Great Clans is explained here.

What are the Great Clans?

The Great Clans descend from the seven siblings of the first Emperor, Hantei. They all have their own unique philosophies and traditions. Each Clan has four to five families each run by a Daimyo that serve under a Clan Champion.

The Great Clans make up the majority of the teams of Rokugan Go, with each player in a team a Daimyo and a Clan Champion that has final say on the decisions.

A samurai game, is this about Japan?

ALegend of the Five Rings is a fantasy setting with samurai. This includes certain aspects borrowed from Japanese culture but also other cultures such as from China, Mongolia and South East Asia.

Where is the game and how long will it go for?

The game will be played at Eyecon Roleplaying and Gaming Convention on Saturday April 20, 2019. We will be starting at 9am and finishing at 7pm with a break for lunch.

Players will need to register with the Eyecon convention and pay $18.

How do I register? Can I join with my friends?

Registration for Rokugan Go isn’t open yet but if you sign up for our mailing list we will let you know when registration can open. Players will be able to register as individuals and as a team.

Players will also need to register with Eyecon separately and pay the money to the convention.

How big are the teams?

The teams vary in size, the smallest is three playerswith the largest five.

Can I bring LARP weapons?

Due to the terms of the venue we are using, we are unable to have weapons or physical combat in our game. We ask that you respect this.

Can I play X? Will I need to bring a character?

All characters will be assigned and players will be given character sheets prior to the game.

Can I come in cosplay?

Please do! We will be giving out character sheets with enough time for people to make costumes. There will also be a prize for best costume. As you are going to be on your feet most of the day, we do suggest you try and be as comfortable as possible.

This looks fun but I can’t come, can you come to me and run it?

The GMs will be making the game notes available for free after the game if you wish to run it for your own local gaming community.

This art is great, did you make it?

The art has been commissioned for the game from a well-known artist in the Legend of the Five Rings community, Rhiannon McCullough. You can view her work here online.  Art will be available for prizes at the con. There are also t-shirts you can purchase to wear on the day.